Face, Jaw and Neck Lift

Face, Jaw, Neck Lift with PDO Threads

Non Surgical alternative to the surgery with PDO Threads 

Instant transformation 

The result last up to 12-18 months


In order to have the treatments you will need to have face to face consultation and assessment.

Instant Lift

Immediate effect after the procedure and more to come in a few months

What are PDO Thread Lifts?

A PDO is a cutting-edge treatment, often dubbed a ‘lunch hour lift’ by the media. This is because the procedure can be performed in approximately one hour but works to lift areas of sagging skin such as your neck, cheeks, jowls and droopy eyelids to significantly rejuvenate your appearance.

A thread lift is ideal if you have minimal sagging but feel that gravity is pulling down your face and ageing your appearance. This popular treatment requires minimal downtime and offers excellent results. There is no scarring, no general anaesthetic and it is far more affordable than a surgical facelift. 

PDO Threads Face, Jaw and Neck Lift