Dermal Fillers


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

The Better You

Different areas can be treated with Derma Fillers using range of products and tehniques

Dermal Fillers

An Instant way to erase the lines and wrinkles and give you volume in the desired areas

We are using artistic personalised  approach to help you to achieve the best version of yourself.

The Better You 

  Plumps up the skin· Adds with volume· Lifts your skin leaving it smooth

· Leaves you looking contoured and youthful

With immediate results it’s easy to understand why this is one of our most popular anti ageing treatments. 

Treatment  areas 

· Nose to Mouth - Nasolabial Folds

· Mouth to chin lines - Marionette Lines

· Frown and Forehead Lines

· Cheeks to lift and add volume to the whole face

· Chin & jaw line to sculpt and define

· Lip Lines, to fill your lipstick lines, also known as smoker's lines Perioral

· Lip Filler to define, shape and volumize the lips

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance within the body which is found the deep layers of the skin known as the dermis, and one of its functions is to keep skin smooth and healthy by helping it retain water

The treatment can be tailored to your needs providing a natural look, giving you  more youthful appearance and enhancing your own beauty